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JP Blue is a commercial ceilings and walls company that has been in operation since July 2015. We specialise in commercial ceilings and walls services throughout Western Australia - Metropolitan and Regional. JP Blue is a design and construction service provider with considerable industry experience, we pride ourselves on a timely and cost effective delivery of commercial projects whilst maintaining the client's desired high level of quality and safety.  JP Blue has an exceptionally skilled large labour force of approximately 100 tradesmen with the ability to expand if required. Our skilled and experienced team that we employ, includes Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Framers, Carpenters, Sheeters, Flushers, Labourers and Apprentices . JP Blue continues to expand its labour force as the company continues to strive and grow. 


To find out more about JP Blue, please read about our services and current/past projects to find out more about our work. 



Mission Statement

Mission Statement

JP Blue delivers quality projects to the community of Western Australia. We make this possible by offering a wide range of ceiling and partition wall services. Our company ethos upholds high levels of safety while maintaining a timely and cost effective delivery of commercial projects.  

Safety and Enviromental

JP Blue holds much pride in working efficiently whilst maintaining a high level of safety as required in today's construction industry. JP Blue adheres to a strict standard of safety and is committed to constantly working efficiently and maintaining a safe work environment.

Managing Director
John Lee.

John Lee has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, his expertise in ceilings and partition walls is the core of the company. He founded JP Blue with a vision of providing quality ceilings and partition walls whilst maintaining time and efficiency.  

JPBlue's Specialties 

  • Design and construction services

  • Commercial - schools, shopping centres, hospitals,

  • High-rise residential apartments

  • High-rise office buildings

  • Large scale projects

  • Government projects

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